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Hello, I wanted to create an app for my local service to inform my user about any updates in my service, I am using one signal to send them a notification about it so want to store that message in the user’s app so they can read it later or something like I create a card with complete detail that will be shown on users app and send a push notification for same. This app is just to inform the latest updates or news to my users, I am open to any suggestion or modification & hoping for a reply

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Simran Adenwalla

hi @simran_adenwalla, welcome to the community!
You want to store all the notifications so the user can always see them?
Use when notification received block:
Store the message and title in tiny db.
And when you open the notifications screen.get data from tiny db and show them using one of this lists: 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide , or in a normal list view.

Will this work on everyones phone, and just a last query will this messages would be stored in phone memory

Thank you very much for your instant reply & support, but I would be highly obliged if you can just guide me how can I do this by sharing some image of the block arrangements

Thank you in Advance

that will happen with my method :wink:

it’s better to try yourself.and i will try my best to guide you in making them.Let’s assume that you have 2 screens Screen1 and Notifications.
in screen 1:
When OneSignal1. notification received{
Store value to tiny db ( which the tag is ( notifications) and the value is the message )

Now go to the notifications screen:
When screen initialize{
set notifications variable to ( get the value from tiny db )
and then make for each item loop{
Add the blocks from this guide:5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

Thank you Very Much it is much clear now, is it fine if I contact you here if I face any difficulty? & will I get an approval to serve ads in this kind of apps?

Thank you Again.

Simran Adenwalla

Yes you can pm me.

Search the community for this :wink:

You’re welcome.BTW, if it helped mar my answer as solution :blush:

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