Regarding the 1103 error

No need to post any questions about the 1103 error.

The problem is that the companion is requesting the https URL and the HTTPS Cert present at (Which is required for https) is expired so we are not able to connect to the Kodular server. Till Kodular Team renews the certs the problem will continue. So there is no need of telling that you have faced the problem because everyone will face it as it has occurred globally due to the SSL certificate revoked. Stay updated for upcoming status from Kodular Team.


The certificates have been renewed and we are in the process of rebooting the rendezvous server.
Once again, thanks for your patience and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

As Peter mentioned, we will use this topic to post updates.


The problem with the certificates is solved. The companion/rendezvous server is working again.


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