Remember id & password for app

hello everyone
i am making a app like browser i just want a remember id & password
for example - user open app search facebook
if user log out from facebook and relogin so password remember

is it possible can any one help me :relaxed: :grinning: :frowning: :thinking:

Yes , it is very simple logic. Use tiny DB to store the users details . Next time of he open app call the tiny DB in screen initialise block. If it have details let app to proceed to next step else direct to log in page/arrangement.

If user log out set tinyDB clear all details.

So next time app will go the login page during screen intialise

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Or use check tick box. If user clicked it store the password in tinyDB. Next time while he click log in design the block to call stored tinyDB details(username , PWD) if it found let it go to next step.

Whatever style you want, you can do it.

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