Remember one thing before you publish your app made by Makeroid

Hello Makers!!!
From past days I observed that their is issue with app violating Google play policy and lot’s of people afraid about it :persevere:
So next time you upload your apps to Google play store Just do this thing

  1. Add privacy and policy to your app.
    It can be created here
  2. Not use of admob ads illegally.
    (There should be maximum 3-2 banner ads in one screen and 1-2 interstial and rewarded video ads in your app)
  3. Not use of affliated websites in your app through webview
    So this were the tips which can prevent you from suspension of your app or terminating of Google Play console account.
    To know more you can also follow me here
    Best of luck…

personally identifiable information you collect (comma separated)

what is this that means ?
my english is horroble

Write here which data you collect.

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Which data I also don’t know this was a simple advice

For affiliate website you can use a simple trick that i use; as per google you have no problem to show your own website in web view; so make a landing page in your blogger or wordpress free website and then add your afiliate link there. Remember showing afiliate site or links directly into the app is illegal so play other way around.

It is useful