Remove App Permissions

Please add a function to remove app permission that not needed any more. My App don‘t need the location sensor (gps) but there is also the permission on play store…

Permissions that are needed by components are added. We don’t add unnecessary permissions.

Maybe you could tell us which components you’re using and which, if any, extensions?

delete google maps & webviewer etc

I used the location sensor on the first release, but I removed this, because I don’t need this anymore. But in Google Play the location permission is still there… I read at the ai forum that I must edit the Manifest.

So it will help, when the developer can edit these at the builder or something like this…

There must be another component you’re using which needs this permission…

Non-visible components

  • WebViewer
  • Notifier
  • Web
  • BarcodeScanner
  • ActivityStarter
  • Clock
  • TinyDB
  • Sound
  • File


  • SpecialTools
  • TaifunClipboard
  • TaifunTools
  • TaifunWifi
  • TaifunBilling
  • WebViewerDialog

Maybe the TaifunBilling needs your location. You should ask @Taifun.

This extension uses the android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t :wink:.


Required permission:

Sure, I saw. :sweat_smile:

@Conor is correct
and btw. my extensions are well documented… you can find the required permissions in the documentation of each extension…


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