Remove forward slash on Firebase

hi is there a way to remove the " \ " when storing data in firebase


  1. select list item list


  1. Replace block

But while saving time, you cannot change that. It is method of writing procedure in firebase

I meant the above method while retrieve


You can’t remove the \ when uploading. You have to remove it when you get the Data like @Still-learning says.


too bad. i need to fetch it using php

If so then why don’t you try gsheet for alternative

the airtable?

May be , you could…

Did you retrieve the value from firebase, checked??

yes, but it includes quotation mark > " "

You can simply use replace text block and remove " for each item in list

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i retrieved that using php for website

Same thing, just use replace text block

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here in firebase?

No after you retrieve data from firebase.

It is may because of “show list as json”

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