How to get rid the quotation mark from sending data to firebase

Here is the output i want:

But when using the app to send data to firebase it show with the quotation mark like this:

This is how firebase works, data retrieved without " . Otherwise need to use the REST api and the web component to set data on Firebase see example

Which one?

Read in order as suggested

But how please guide me, it cant upload…

Working with using this code

Here is output:

But also have the problem, when i type HELLO in the textbox1 and click submit button, it wont change in the firebase realtime database

HELLO is a string. For correctly formatted json, you need to surround a string in double quotes:

Web1.PutText text {"Name":"HELLO"}

But it also show the quote into the database, how to solve that to add string without quotes?

You cannot display a string in Firebase without surrounding quotes.

Because without the quotes, arduino can read easily.

Do you have any suggestion to guide?

See here:

Juan seems to be able to send strings with quotes to arduino from Firebase…

Yeah, i just saw, it using index of for searching string