How do I store data in firebase without extra double quotation

I am getting additional double quotes when I am trying to store string data in firebase how do I overcome it image

Welcome to the community. This is the way firebase stores data and when you retrieve data you won’t have any. Have you tried to get data from Firebase? Does it have double quotation then ?


Actually I want to get an email through that text box and have set the type to email but when I try to send the email there it considers double quotes in the recipient block and hence the email is not sent

Could you post a screenshot of firebase got value block ?

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-26 at 12.58.26 PM

And I am not getting any value I just want to store the value

How do you sent emails? From app?

I am sending it via Arduino and firebase not with app. App is only updating the email( ie S22 tag value) but when arduino is trying to read the value from firebase it is getting the email address with quotes thats why I am trying to remove the quotation marks from the app itself

Anyways I modified the arduino code and now its working fine. Thanks for help

I was going to propose the same think when I read that you use arduino - modify code :slight_smile: Glad that your problem was solved

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What is the meaning of it? Sorry I don’t know

As far I understand, @Pranay is talking about Arduino component

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Thank you for let me know it. :+1::+1:

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