Remove spaces and special characters

Friends need to parse text and remove spacing, accent and special characters.
Does anyone have any tips on how to do this in a simpler way than creating multiple entries with possibilities and replacing, for example: ç => c, á => a, ô => o, and etc …?
I saw that in Built-in, Text, there is the replace all mappings block, but I haven’t found any documentation on how to use it.

With this remove spaces
and these for replace text

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You need to do this on your own.
The mapping text is for dictionary. Check out the dictionary docs as well.

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Show us what you’ve tried. By showing your blocks you will have more chances of help.

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that way I know how to make friends, I asked if there is a less coarse way.

I’ll look at the dictionary documentation and try. Thankful!

I know how to do it, what I want is a simpler way, as I realized this block that I had not seen before I decided to ask about its use before trying, since there is no documentation of it.