Rental system that depends on date, start time, end time and type of car

I have make a car rental system for class project but the app have problem when I want to reserve different car on the same date. Example.

Date = 24/11/2020
Start time = 10am
End time = 10pm
Car = 1st choice of Car
Name = Sam

if I want to make another reservation on the same date but with different car. Example.

Date = 24/11/2020
Start time = 10am
End time = 10pm
Car = 5st choice of Car
Name = Kevin

The Sam’s data will be deleted and change to Kevin. The problem is my app just read on date only. I want to make it read all 4 data (date, start time, end time and type of car) before making a reservation without deleting other’s data just like that.

But if I make 2 reservations on the same date, same time and same car, the reservation will not be accepted. Please help me.

This is my blocks.

Your tag Name is ‘24/11/2020’ ?

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You can create a unique id as bucket for each customer or simple use time instant as bucket to store each customer data.


You problem is that you are creating the information under the same tag (the date) and it won’t change until 24 hours. Try creating you data with different tag like (Reservation001, Reservation002) but still under the same date.

Like this:


I mentioned this above.
He needs to see that the error is clear and evident.
The analysis he did to create a rental app, was done wrong.
He did not forecast N car rentals on the same day.
He needs to better interpret the car rental business.


yeah true. I use date instead. and thank you for your reply. I will read your sharing.


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