Repeating Multiple Message in Chat View

I am using firebase for Chat View.

I am recieving Repeating Multiple Msgs when screen starts…

When Firebase Database changed Multiple MSGs deleted automatically.

Why Multiple in screen starts…My Blocks is here…

I am getting like this…

When Database changed or new msgs Written…

Firebase DATA setting…

Please Help…Thanks in Advance

There are two options

  1. Use clear chat view block in chat_sync.Data Changed
  2. Count the number of chats in chat view and add chat in chat view only chat which is not synced
    i suggest to you 2nd option

Same Result…Not Solved

Please Help

tutorial please :slight_smile:

ok try this aia
Chat (1).aia (126.9 KB)

for what :thinking:

Thanks Subhash_Mahla Ji

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