Reporting in the new components

We would like to remind all of you (@ad-manager) that reporting WILL be available in My Kodular. But before being able to enable it, we need some real data from ads.
Please, start serving your ads with the new components, so we can start gathering real data, and confirm all our report queries are correct.


I have this error,

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I’m facing this issue

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I am facing the same issue.

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I have Ad manger account my Website so i want to create for Kodular Ad manager account Ad manger Allow 2 account Same ip and same Laptop

In that case, you can use your existing account. Your website won’t be affected

An invitation to sign up for Google Ad Manager has been sent to your email

but my email empty

Hmm, check your spam folder. We see your account has the “Invited” status in Google Ad Manager.

plz help me to solve this issues live support zoom

Problem Solve Don’t Use Adblock , if you use adblock than off adblock than click you publisher id :grinning: :grinning:

thank you :heart_eyes:

I received an invitation from Google’s ad manager and I created an id with the same Gmail id of admob & is it ok , or we have to create a new email for registration? And i have my apps in same gmail id in play store

Use the same email address please


i received invitation from kodular for signup ads manager but i need litle guide from team kodular

some screen shots also i provide please tell me this is right way of signup ?

This is not the flow to sign up for an account. You should click on the action button in the email you received.

Screenshots and a detailed guide can be found in Monetization - Kodular Docs

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Hello i Received this email then i click on view request iam redirect to ads manager

What do you see when you click on “view request”?

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i see this when click view request

@Vishwas Please Help