[Request] Emulator

Then my device is not as good as a potato :sweat_smile:
Btw, Arc Welder just works fine

Specs? DM me cuz spamming this topic is a bad idea.

Wrote on Telegram :sweat_smile:

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for the people who are saying this would be useless how would it feel that you koded for hours then you find out that you cannot test it cause your phone is not that would be real sad if you ask me


download emulator
if u have a 4-8gb ram use big nox or memu play
if bigger than 16gbram take bluestacks.

well i use 2 emulators.



NoxPlayer - Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac

memu play:

MEmu Android Emulator

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Bluestacks - The Best Android Emulator on PC as Rated by You

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wait for download
use ur account and download the kodular companion from the store . there u can also access apk files
Note some features also does not support so then also test on phone once
note try to avoid bluestacks itz hazardous for computer after download after 1 year

Use the above trick…

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This will take a lot time And System Requirements as mentioned in the topic…

BTW it would be great if Kodular makes a small,
lightweight emulator to run on potato PCs

As my computer has 2gb ram :sweat: only

same 4gb

my laptop 16 gb ram
guys use memu play then
android studio will take literally 365 days