[Request] Emulator


Sometimes I use the “App Inventor 2” console to make some tests using the Emulator! It is very practical!

It would be nice if Kodular also had this emulator so you do not have to use another one!

Is there any intention in the future to have an Emulator like this in Kodular console?

Thank you!

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So… why not use your phone to test?


For me, the companion works for about 5 seconds, after which no changes are made. I have to disconnect it, then reconnect it.
The starter doesn’t work for me, the only solution I have is to download the APK, so I always make my changes blindly, then download the application to adapt everything.
An emulator would be convenient, but it should take Kodular a lot of time to set up! It’s not a priority, so I doubt there will ever be one!


it is a good idea, it will be really useful if Kodular does so


Why not use the AVDs in Android Studio?

If you’re using Google Chrome, feel free to try out the ARC Welder extension (ARC Welder - Chrome Web Store)


But they discontinued ARC wrlder na ?

They’ve stopped further development
The emulator still works, though :slightly_smiling_face:


cannot download it it shows error - No File

It’s so laggy.

No problem in downloading but it isn’t stopping :face_with_monocle:

EDIT: I CANCELED IT AT :point_down:

Kodular will need more instances for running this again :sweat_smile::shushing_face:

ARC is a large one time download, quoting the description on the Web Store.

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I checked there before downloading. It says 25 MB only.

25 MB is the extension itself.

  1. It is big in size
  2. It has a lot of system requirements


  1. It is okay-ish in size. (Seriously. You’re getting a full Android device with sensors and everything in the VM. The size is justified.)
  2. It runs on a potato.
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So can you solve my problem described above, it say no file when I try to download

Server problem maybe. ARC Welder is no longer maintained.

Ok, thanke:slightly_smiling_face: