This is for those whose Companion doesn't work

Yes Koders,I Found Way For Those Whose Companion App dont work
If You Use Hotsppot Or Usb tethering from phone to mobile it will not work
because the app cant identifiy your ip
so soultion is easy
get wifi connection at home
download emulator in pc,yes it will work get the companion app in emulator and i will surely work and with live changes,it is working for me

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i use hotspot and it works for me.

You can say Mobile Tethering will not work but Hotspot will work.
And this topic should be in Guides and Resources category.

hello, I would like to use an emulator on my own pc but I don’t how to use it.

kindly someone help me with a direct link to download the emulator

I will suggest Bluestacks.
Just search on Google and you can download it from official website.

It already works when you have a good connection.

Mobile Hotspot?

No but it dont work when we do usb tethering with mobile

Will [quote=“vknow360, post:5, topic:30238, full:true”]
I will suggest Bluestacks.
Just search on Google and you can download it from official website.

Will Bluestacks work perfectly?

If your computer has good power to handle virtual machines, yeah, why not.

A computer with 2 gb ram can also run a emulator.

It needs to have a virtualization feature enabled in BIOS settings to make sure work properly. Also I think giving the 1 GB ram for emulator, and 1 GB ram for host computer causes the lag. So working with emulator in 2 GB is bad idea.

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Connect to WiFi is old school fashion, Kodular already overcame this problem a long ago, you just need internet connection on the both device either by WiFi or your mobile thethering/hotspot, it is as smooth as cutting butter

No it dont worm with me and my friends when they connect their pc to mobile internet
And in companion it shows error in ip

I’ve been using Memu Play for a long time.

Your device specifications??

Firstly i had redmi 4 with 3 gb ram and 32 gb storage,4g volte support,powerfull processcer of snapdragon,after that redmi 5 with same specifications and now i have redmi note 6 pro with 4 gb ram and ,64 storage
But app inventor app never worked for me

Same i use menu play for long time but some days ago I got to know about that companion can work in emulator so I now also downloaded companion in this

I can run App Inventor Companion in my small phone Micromax Q336 which has 512 MB ram and 4GB internal storage and supports 3g network:sob:

I know it don’t working USB tethering
Wait see my companion screenshot

There Is Wrriten Error no Wifi
So it only works for those using wireless data sharing
Not usb tethering