Request for enabling monetization

I have requested to activate the Monetization feature more than 12 days uptil now. I have not received a response to confirm the activation process. I have same project which was already approved for monetization but due to some error i am not able to use its apk. Then i have downloaded its aia file and after deleting some screens and aix files, uploaded it again and applied for monetization but it is not being monetized uptil now. Is this the end of our hard work? Why kodular is not approving our apps for monetization?


I think i have to go to sleep…They will never approve.

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The Kodular Team is silent in the last time. You can only hope for a approval and have a good description.

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Yes, they will remain always silent. Because i have also emailed them, messaged them on instagram but no response yet. I have checked also other discussion by other coders and their apps monetization process is still pending after passing one and half year. Why they do not reject if our apps are according to their policy. Becuase due to this we are not able to apply other apps for monetization. They should think about this issue because mostly coders make apps for placing ads so that they can earn some penny.

We want a solution to the problem of the long period of time to accept the application

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I am in the same situation.

Me to having the same issue, i tried to contact with them by email, twitter, Instagram, and here on kodular community but there is no response at all.
I hope they can solve the problem as soon as possible.