(Request) In-App OneSignal push notification

Can you guys please add In-App OneSignal push notification. It’s very useful for us

Add this topic to : “Feedback - I Want” category not in discuss.

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We Are Able To Send In App Notification With In Built Push Notification Component. Just Add Your App Id In That Component Then Just Send An In App Nitification on app.onesignal.com/

🤦‍♂you didn’t got me. I know about OneSignal push notification read the post again i wrote In-App notification

You Are Able To Send In App Notification (Not Push Notification) With This Component

I Have Sended An In App Message Already

And First Search On Forum

🤦‍♂Ooh man! You aren’t getting my point… In-App notification component is not available in Kodular so o requested to add it… :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

But We Can Send In App Notification With Push Notification Component


We can send in app notification with Push Notification Component just try I’m also using. :unamused:

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Wow​:open_mouth: i just checked… It’s working :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

@Yasir_Shakoor it might be helpful if you could mention why you’d like to see this feature and what it offers that currently cannot be done

It’s already available​:fire: it’s the best feature, we can promote our existing apps through this also we can send notice to the user, also we can send helpful tips to users about Coronavirus outbreak.


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