Responsive Label

Mates, can anyone help me by guiding me on HOW TO MAKE A RESPONSIVE LABEL in the app so that according to the dimensions of the mobile, where it is being used, it will get sizes dynamic to that?

You can use screen height and screen width [blocks available on screen properties] to get screen dimensions…
After getting it play with label responsiveness :hugs:

Thanks for the reply brother. But my question is slightly different.
How can we have labels which, in different types of mobile phones with different dimensions, dynamically responds itself:question:

@akashkashyap556 Its already responsive

Brother, I tested app in my mobile using Companion but didn’t found the same. That’s why, I asked bro.

try on real devices,it work
or try Firebase Test lab​:blush:

Cool brother. And what do you mean by Firebase Test Lab? I don’t know about that mate… :pensive:

Create Account on
Google Firebase>Made App Console>got Test lab

Test your App here​:calling:
i hope you got the solution,Mark as solve :white_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

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