Responsive Screen Support

Problem :
I designed my application, but everything is fine on my own screen, some texts or pictures are getting smaller or distorted on another device.

" I reviewed the topics on the forum but the result is unsuccessful
Provide information on the subject I created "

Note :

  • Screen set to be sensitive
  • Widths or heights are set in percent

I want layout and image on all devices " hassle-free "

Image on small screen devices " problem "

Have you tried what i’ve told you before :sweat_smile::
For your font size:

Edited version for card views:

Also this thread will be helpful:

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Did he talk to you too? :flushed:


Yes :innocent:

Yes the problem is the same

Can you show your blocks for making components responsive?

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The problem is solved

I used the opposite of the block structure at this address

Then I placed space next to certain components, for now I can adjust it to whatever device I want

Used the link that I spent in private … and gave as a solution …

himself …

#off-topic Here in the community this is constantly happening …

Could not be understood due to the translation, can you write more clearly

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