Returned money Problems

I am uncertain why Kodular does not prioritize its employees. I have messaged you numerous times without receiving a response. It puzzles me how to communicate that my payment has not yet been credited to my account.

Upon withdrawing funds, you indicated there was an issue with my account. After switching to another account, as advised, the problem supposedly persisted until I secured a functional account. Yet, the funds from previous months have not been transferred to me.

It’s not for me to label you as incompetent or deceitful without understanding the reasons behind the delay in my payment. Despite reaching out via email on multiple occasions, it seems my concerns were not heeded.

Should you fail to process my payment, I will cease further communication, which would only underscore the suspicion of fraud due to the unresolved issue.

This is my final message to you, underscoring that the continuous operation of your company is at stake. Should there be any underlying issues within, it is unlikely to prosper.

You owe me approximately $530.44, and failure to settle this debt will result in my perpetual non-forgiveness.

Should you remit my payment, I will stand down; however, failing that, anticipate the community’s future retribution.