Reward video ads implementation

Can i use Reward video ads in any apps like news,education apps?

I don’t it’s a problem to do so. It can be done and should cause no problem as per my experience.

but how to do? i know this ads just for score or gaming app purpose only…:thinking:

There is no rule that you have to use reward video ads only in games or score apps. You can create in app currencies in your education app too and users can use that currency to purchase some of premium courses… or something. It’s completely upon you, i just gave an example.

yes you are right,but my apps not any supcription or any purchased any products , can i use this ads?

No not really.

As I said, it’s completely upon your imagination. You have to think of something about that…

Here are some example:

  1. As I said, you can give some paid things for free.
  2. You can create some courses that can only be purchased with in app currencies.
  3. You can create some special things to purchase with the currency. Use your imagination for this one…

my app is quiz type, user can see mcq question, but i Don’t provide special course to user,i am try to button click and ads show! It’s ligel?

Nope… You have give user a reward

Don’t use Rewarded ads if there is no reward. Use an intersitial ad if you want to.

yes i thinking that!

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