RTL support ruins the app

how to shut it off?
I understand that in some cases it make sense like in dialog and menu but everything goes opposite , even images and buttons order . its not good because if part of the devices are in Hebrew or Arabic (rtl) and part of them set to English and I want the layout to look the same in all languages its not possible.
and what about content apps? i need to read hebrew left to right just because my device language is English?

language set to : English
after language was changed to Hebrew

The arrows are font icons?

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Use the if block to detect if hebrew is the selected language and invert the arrows position.


No. Images, I put space between them
see also here: I saw that the latest update has RTL support (right to left) But I did not find him

@Fabio its not effective I cant go through all the components and adjust each one of them separately its a headache, I dont search reasons to work hard if it worked fine before.
if no option to shut it off then its a bad update because it will affect anyone who download kodular apps and he is from the middle east
thanks for reply

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I do not want you to remove RTL. But I would like to have a choice in which direction everything will be (right left or automatic)

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In my application you can change the language manually so if you could decide which side everything would stick to then it would be better

We will add in the next release a screen 1 property.
With that you can enable or disable the complete RTL support.

And for all other things that’s not our job.
We only provide functions and else.

The logic is up to you.


Thank you, I would be happy if you can also add the option to choose which side of the screen will stick (left or right)

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You can already do this for all layouts.

But if I attach to the right and the language of the device is Hebrew or Arabic it will stick to the left, and only if the language of the device is English and the like … it will stick to the right

This is what I said before.
And you can already change the layout direction…

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But it is not possible to change the layout direction from the blocks

hahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
No? Then you should look again…

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You can not do this with text

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Is this the only one which have not the block?
Then we can add it

It is easier to change the direction of RTL manually

Because not only does the direction of the text change


thanks its the best solution for this issue


tnx mika and others

Can you add an option to turn the RTL on or off?