Rubiks Cube - Play rubiks cube in 3D

@Groza95 i dont need examples i know what to do just need time :smiley:

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from this example you can take the code)

well those would not work with the library i used those are js and i built in java

I got it like this with the js code

kub.apk (7.5 MB)

i already said it is not compatible with the library i used

New block added -

to scramble the cube
How to use? -

instead applymovesequence block you can use any move block.
I hope it is ok now @Groza95 @Profi_Game


"lf the cube is solved is’’ good too.
can you try to add it ?


You can add that event.
When RubiksCube.Solved
It would be super duper helpful…


i will see but even my exams are near so idk


New blocks added -

Using these blocks you can check if your cube has changed by user or solved and also helps you save your rubiks cube for restoring for after use. for more information check docs and demo blocks

Enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Legendary update :tada::tada: ! Wow ! Suberb !
IsSolved block is very useful !

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Thank you so much :smiley:

When the cube inalitizes then it is already solved

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yes if you wanna scramble there are blocks also

Can you explain what you mean??

I came across this extension but never opened it and i really don’t know what it is, until i checked to my surprise it is an awesome extension keep the good work. I am going to develop a game with this extension :grinning:.
Additional features (My request)
it only support 3x3x3 can you make it also support 2x2x2 and 5x5x5.

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many people already request but this is one feature which looks quite challenging i will still try to do it thank you for your comment


Docs updated and 2nd download link with by @Jerin_Jacob


Hi, can you do a custom extension for me? İf yes please message me to discuss.