[FOR SALE] Cube Rubik 3D game

What is the name of your app?

Cube Rubik

Describe your app:

Enjoy the challenging experience with Cube Rubik.
Customize your game play, there are color schemes for your taste
Change rotation speed, Enjoy the cool music as you play with the option of controlling music sound and much more.


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (PAID)

If bought i’ll provide you with:

  1. Live support and,
  2. Game Reskin


dm me for price.

Extensions Used:

A big thanks to this extension developer he made this Game possible.

Other Extensions used:
FloatingView by jarlisson
Phase by shreyesh
Countdowntimer by deephost
Gesture by Mika
Colorpicker by deephost
Taifunaccountpicker by Taifun

Known issue:

App crashes on Android 11 Fixed.

New features

You can now switch between Light and Dark mode.
Set time duration for game play.


Good !
Suggestions :- Online multiplier like quiz app

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Thank you for your suggestion, i’ll work on it.

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hay, your app has a bug. when I start the game

as the developer of the extension i think that this error is occurring because he is trying to restore a cube when he is providing something that cant be restored.

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Thank you for installing the app, to solve this clear Cube Rubik cache data and open the app again, it will be fixed.

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Yes, This is because at first install the cube haven’t been created correctly.


yes it works, i would give you a tip. you can ask whether it will be created and if not he should create it again, in order u to avoid your app getting a bad rating in the play store

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Thank you very much for this, I’ll make a change soon.

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I have another tip for you. I would take the pro version from the play store and expand it in the premium version with in app purchase, that’s how I do it with my apps

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