Run another installed app

Hello people, all in peace?
How do I call another app that is installed on my phone?

use activity starter and use pacakage name

Accused “Error 601:No corresponding activity was found”, how to fix?

Then check this @Taifun snippets

You can get anything from this page

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Thanks people, it’s already calling correctly, but I’m still having problems: When the app has not been installed on my cell phone, I have to make a call to the “play store”, the issue is that kodular is not entering the “Activity” error routine error" and do not execute the APP install call, but the error message appears. The question is: where do I get this message?

Try like this after setting activity starter properties



You can use PkgUtils extension of @vknow360 to check whether app is installed or not.

If the app is not installed redirect them to Play Store.


Thanks people…
Solved problem.

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