Why I cant start install app activity?

Here my blocks

what can I do from this setup, untill it will work? I recive in companion error number 601.

And does it work as installed apk instead of companion?

i dont know why…


Means it can’t find the activity to install the apk

so what to do? also the file doesnt working
i dowload the file from the app page-in kodular store

You can use this extension to install an APK directly.

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also with that, i cant install
the apk file damaged i think
but why? how to slove it?

Then you can try to download APK file again. I used that extension in my app, and it works perfectly.

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but i did it… it no help the problem

Are you sure that APK is not damaged? Can you install APK to your phone directly?

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i can, but not from the source-kodular store
now i trying to upload apk to google drive, and try from there

Update: the problem was the source
i replaced the source from kodular store, to gogle drive
i followed taifun’s guide
here link

and also used with what @yusufcihan sent here-the extension

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