Runtime Error call to 'gnu.expr. ModuleMethod' has too many arguments

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what do you mean? describe your issue properly.

Have you searched :mag: community for similar errors ?

Runtime Error call to ‘gnu.expr. ModuleMethod’ has too many arguments

Runtime Error

call to ‘gnu.expr. ModuleMethod’ has too many arguments (7; must be 0). error show

follow what Dora said and you’ll find solution to your problem.

In Screen var

The error message of this method is being displayed. I don’t understand what the problem is

Yes, I found it, but it doesn’t solve the problem

this is where your problem is, you can store the index number in a global variable number when creating your design dynamically then you can set those to global number.

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Okay, to be sure that the error message isn’t as a result of that procedure, you can remove the block from the procedure and check if the error message persist.

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They will try to delete it, but that’s the problem

Screen vadhu, something is wrong with procedure. See images

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I don’t think there will be any problem because of this, I have deleted it but I don’t see the problem disappearing, I see the problem differently.

due to diff language your app consider both procedure name as unique it seems. always try to construct with English. you wont be have any prob

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Exactly, I didn’t notice the mistake, it just happened. Thank you for understanding my problem. Thanks again

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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