Runtime error in built app but not in companion

I have a problem with my app, I am grabbing information about the phone and network and when the screen Initializes in the built app it says this:
Attempt to invoke virtual method
on a null object reference

but in the companion, .everything runs fine. no issues at all. Thanks

What Android version do you have?

My android is 6.0.1

Can you give the log of the crash from adb tool?

Ill try, thanks for replying

Sorry I have been trying to use it I can’t

Ok then, can you show the screen.initialize block?

Delete onesignal component and try again

What result do you get by right-click and selecting “Do It” on the “PushNotifications.Get User ID” block?

Nothing happened because everything loads fine in the companion, so when I clicked on do it absolutely nothing happened.

It worked! I would have replied earlier but I just joined the forum yesterday so I had reached my first-day limit. Thank you.

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NO PROBLEM :slight_smile: