Runtime Error on Removing item from list

Why am i getting this error?
The problem is happening in this part but i dont understand what!!

As the error message indicate: Your User_Name or User_Status list are empty. Check with “Do It”.
So you probably have the error where you fill these lists.

its not empty i have checked still getting this error

Then the related list isn’t the right format. You could check with the “length of list” block how many items your list has. Or you can try to get an item from it .

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I am also checking the length you see my blocks…if its not equal then it will not go forward to remove item

Can any one please help me?

@ADDYLIN can you please help me?

Your if conditions allow u to add item only to one list. So u have two lists: User_Status and User_Name. At first time firebase got value and tag = UserStatus, you add the value to User_Status and not to User_Name. Then you have the loop where u remove an item form User_Name.

I may be not right. We can’t see the full logic of your blocks. Just use notifier to show u the content of each list or make a simple debugger with test variable to show you each step of your loop with the data.


i am using the same blocks in another app and its working there but not in this app…

was your problem resolved?

@Still-learning no waiting for help from someone

I feel sorry… Your coding is seems to be complex for me and i never used like this. I am also waiting for experts to answer :pensive:

I’m sure noone will help you. You have to debug your block logic by yourself. It’s a logic problem (programming skills) rather than kodular bug.

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i have tried a lot but but cant understand what mistake i am doing

You try to remove item from an empty list. As i said earlier as your blocks goes you add an item only to one list and then you try to remove items from both lists (so the first list can be empty, second list can have some values, but your remove items from both lists at once). I don’t have any further informations about your database structure and those global variables so i can’t be sure if your “if conditions” are sufficient to make it works.

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See both the data are loading properly and also its not empty but why am i getting this error i don’t understand


But if i add this then the error occurs

If u don’t understand it, I can’t help you.

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as i have shown you here the list is not empty both the variable has data that’s why its showing in the list other wise list should also have been empty.

But your block “firebase.Got Value” need 2 runs or more to get all data. At first run you have values only in one list and try to remove values from both lists.

it worked but in my previous app it worked with one firebase i dont know why!!!

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