Runtime Error Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0:

Okie Dokie

if i use this block, i am getting images and if i added the clock timer into screen initialise then every second i am getting image without any list error. Do you want video?

this also can try

but the concept is, Do you want to show the images every second? here i designed to show images one by one . if you dont want to show all the images mean, in the clock timer you have to add clock timer to false

Still Showing the Errors I Followed all the Blocks

Give me your screen

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Export selected screen as ais to Ur computer first then attach the ais file here or send me in pm

English Only.

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We’re Talking in English Language

The Images gets from Airtable

Was your problem solved or not?

still nope

we have syggested you a working block. If you followed like that surely you will get result. If not you have to check up your list. If possible, if u share aia we will check up.

This all my Blocks

b f e f g h

your airtable only doing such problem. Before getting all values into a list your blocks stared to compile so you are getting such result. Use airtable with dictionary method, I assure you wont get any list error problem

also check here, instead of value what have you tried?

What Block should I change to Dictionary?

I already fixed after I send all my Blocks to you

I don’t know how to use the Dictionary Method

try this method,


Very limited blocks, and the main thing is without getting nay list error you will get answers…

(Note: when airtbale got all row, the first two blocks are very important. You shouldn’t alter it, remaining you can alter what you like… then you use what we suggested in the earlier post. Surely you will get result.

kk wait Imma try this Method

Error 404

When I was about to download this Extension