Runtime Error ShowAlert

Hi I am havving an issue.

A message appears with runtime error. invoke: no method named “ShowAlert” in class java.lang.boolean

I am not sure why this is happening an user of my app sent me this and I cant replicate the issue. For the rest of the users and for me all work fine.

Any help with this?

Are you using android version11 0 and above? Is your app reading internal storage?

If you say Yes for all then you should reconsider your blocks. You must try with asd extension

I have android 10 and the user too, I just use tinydb, I dont use the file component


I can replicate the issue. It happens just in a few cellphones. The error is 12010: google map is not installed on this phone

But google maps is already installed so what is happening? first time that it happens, maybe is a bug with the last update?

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