Runtime Error due to GoogleMaps


since the last Kodular update I can’t use GoogleMaps anymore because I get the following error: Runtime Error - invoke: no method named `ShowChooseDialog’ in class java.lang.Boolean
Additionally I get the message “Google Map is not installed on this phone” (It is installed though).

However, I only get this error when I switch from another screen to Screen1. If I switch from Screen1 to another screen where GoogleMaps is also used, I only get the “Google Map is not installed on this phone” error. If I go back to Screen1 I get the Runtime Error again. Since I suspect that the problem happens directly at the start of Screen1, I have also removed all blocks at “When Screen1 Initialize”, but also without success.

If I remove GoogleMaps on Screen1, both error messages disappear, but I need this component in my app. I have also removed extensions, however this did not fix the error. There are no warnings or errors in my screens. The screens are changed properly as far as i know (see screenshot). Before the update I had no problems. The problem also exists in other projects of mine.

Does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing something?
I’ll keep trying to solve the problem and get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks in advance!


I give up…

With GoogleMaps: Error Error Error. All notifiers deleted = error fixed. Next error: Label not found - label deleted = error fixed. Next error and so on.
Without GoogleMaps: Everything works fine. No error. All notifiers work fine and all other components too. GoogleMaps messes everything up for me.

I do not know why. But this is only since the last Kodular update.

Hey. Just wanted to let you know that I had probably overlooked an extension back then. Whenever I had an Analytics extension, it came to error. So it seems that Google Maps and Analytics extensions don’t like each other anymore since the Fenix update…

Without Analytics extension everything worked again.

which analytic extension?

I had problems with “Fire Analytics” and “Flurry Analytics” (both extensions)

i haven’t these extension in my project but facing this error

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