Runtime error when i run my application

Attempt to invoke interface method '$context’on a null object reference

i just try to call data from airtable

Try moving call ColinTreeListView.Initialize_Scroll block to when Screen.initialize

I tried that but same error again came

Try removing reverse block

I Have initialize colin list view 2
and set list on list view 3 thats the problem right now i see it

but now i get error 701 unable to load null when i try to play vedio

There is no use of using the block reverse. Remove it and try

i have removed
but i have put mx player vedio link in my airtable so it wont getting play and gives an error 701

Make sure you are getting link from airtable to app by using any label

yes i am getting it by global SI Links

Show us your screen2player block. If important API is yher hide it and show

Your video is not playing.

Please make sure your URL is valid and play online
add 4 after above url and check it and tell me is it valid

This URL may work in browser but not in video player. It need direct URL. Just like while download na the same like. If I click it have to play only vide but the above link is seems to be web page

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how to convert this url to direct url

I am in mobile. If it allow right click on the move on the video, and if it shows any video URL or get URL like try that.

But here i cant get that option

It means it is not allowing

Oky then if i give google drive link will it stream

I am not sure. But you have to confirm before using the link in app, if you click on the link it have to play in full screen just like playing in VLC player

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