I'm facing issue with activity starter

I was gonna use activity starter to launch Google meet link.
Since the link keep on changing I used spreadsheet component to change the link.
I stored the link as global variable.
When I set data uri to global variable.
Error 601 is shown when I try to start the activity.
I checked my Table name, Base Id and API KEY to ensure that nothing is wrong with spreadsheet.
Please help.
Thank you in advance!!!
The activity is set to android.intent.action.VIEW


Try Like This
blocks - 2022-03-06T180911.342
blocks - 2022-03-06T180903.983

Set this to in block section

And Also Check the volue you are getting is in correct format and proper link or not

I have tested and its working for me

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this might happen because of this


I am still getting error

Are you sure that you got values from airtable to app? if so how many links are there? can you share your airtable structure?

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yes i checked that using custom tabs

Post Your Aia or
Check inside global ur is the data getting is in proper format or not
Send what inside the global ur after getting Got Column

Or Send Screenshot of airtable database links column

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i have checked and found workling pakka in both method…


so as i we said earlier, either you didnt get proper value from airtable or unwanted texts may be associate with it else no values must obtained

Does the link must have http or https???

Yaa Exactly

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(post deleted)

Sorry, both are working .

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