Save files to a specific folder when uploading with the Cloudinary component

Today I come to show you how to upload your photos to a specific folder in a simple and very little dynamic way

1- First we will go setting up in Cloudinary

2- Select the Upload tab

3- Then we go down and those two options are the ones we are interested in, since we will make the configuration

4- We will click on the Add Upload Preset

We will get several options that will configure it in this way to work for us (You can try to configure it differently but sometimes it doesn’t work)

1- We will give it a representative name so that we know what our configuration is
2- We will give you the name of the folder we have created previously (you must create the folder where you want the files to be saved when you upload)
3- We will enable the Public ID option
4- The type of delivery will be Upload
5- Access to be authenticated
6- We disable the Backup option
7- We give you in save and will be ready

Now we only select the new configuration that we make in this part

Once you have selected our new configuration, we will save it and that’s it, now we only try in kodular and you will see that it will be saved in the specific folder when we upload an IMG (you can also use it to upload video there or make another configuration like the ones we made for the IMG)

It is simple and very undynamic I hope I have helped you!

There are other ways like through api but it is more block of code, waiting for a more dynamic extension of cloudinary.


That surely helps other users!


I have tried this system and it works, however I create several folders with different names and that is why this solution falls short. Does anyone know how I can upload an image to a folder declaring its name (note that folder names may vary)

The guide is outdated at this date with what they have modernised cloudinary but with the new API they implemented in cloudinary this extension is the one that works best for you or you work directly with API + Web Component.

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