How can I upload a folder containing photos

I have searched the forum and can not find anything on this subject. I have created a photo taking app where the photos are saved in a created folder on the phone. Now I need to have them uploaded somewhere where I can have access to them. Will the blocks for cloudinary or firebase work? or should I use the ftp function and send them to a server or cloud storage? Any help will be appreciated.

Cloudinary would be fine for this purpose.

Thanks for the reply and the advise. I tried Cloudinary. I do not receive an error message and my notification comes instantly that the file has been uploaded, but the file(s) are not listed on my Cloudinary dashboard. The blocks to the right are different variations I tried, all with the same result. This my first app using both Kodular and and Cloudinary. Below are my blocks. Any help would be appreciated.


Path seems to be incorrect.
However built in component does not have option to upload file in specific folder so you should try this:

Thanks for the reply. I will try it.

Thanks vkown360, but I still can not get it to work. The path is correct, but the syntax is probably wrong. Could you show me the format for required for both the path and the upload options. Thanks

Can you show your blocks?

This is one I though would be correct. The path to the photos on the phone is correct. Thanks again.

Have you read the topic I linked above?

Yes, but I did not read the comments below until now. I will try the dictionary method to create the upload option. Thanks