Save <Koduar Textbox> data into user phone disk space, and then use it later

Hey guys, my app have 4 textbox for user to input, and all of them are number or string.
I want to save them in user disk space for later use, name it, and can use that data easily just by one click to its name
How can i do it, please help.
Thank you!

is my question really bad since no one answer? :(( i really need some help
here my 4 textbox

  1. the url
  2. the string
  3. the number
    and i want a button when we click that we can be able to name it and save into a list and when we click the list by the name we want it can auto fill the textbox

*just 3 textbox

as my simple idea i have tried to find some way like firebase but it too complicated compare to my simple idea that just save to user disk space
i want to know if there is some easier way

Store your data in TinyDB and read it again in theScreen Initialize event