Save pdf from google drive using webview url then make it open in app offline without download to device

Does anyone have an idea to save pdf from google drive online and make it openable offline
Without the need to download to the user’s device
How i can make this???

Without downloading the pdf it would not be possible I believe

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Because the idea of ​​the application is that the user can only browse the files from within the application, is it possible, for example, to save the file in a place from the cache or by using the tiny db tool?

There is no problem if the download process will save the file inside the application and not on the user’s memory (I mean only watching if there is no internet)

Yes this is possible

This is not possible


How? Any solution any extension anything please

I created that kind of extension on someone request.

You can pm me :slightly_smiling_face:


View a PDF from Google Drive without “downloading” it as a file, required network connection:

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I mean
When user show the file from google drive using webview
The file save automatically in app as a pdf file
(like in a list)
Then When user need to show the pdf offline
I need open in app without download option!?

Something like this:

1.Load pdf url in webviewer
2. When page loaded, get the url
3. Download the pdf using web component
4. Use offline pdf viewer when no network