Save PDF to my phone

I tried to created pdf and save in my phone, the file block no sure is like this can anyone help me look into tks.

Right one is app invertor ,left is kodular

I want to save pdf to my device and app inventor blocks work however the copy file block is not available in kodular ,is another way i can do this.

U can use extension

Check ur Android version, u clubbed blocks intended for different api version

For more details check

hi. thank you for reply, but i try the extension, still the pdf didnt save in device, can you help me look tks

U need to use either red or blue marked blocks according to your android version,but u used both

Still doesn’t work :confused:

whats ur android version? r u creating single page pdf or multi page pdf?

Is Android 11, but the block in app inventor is works, in Kadular I can’t find the file block same as app inventor.