Storage permission is needed to proceed

I made one app it work fine in my mobile but when I install in other mobile it open but not open any file from assets
It shows error
Storage permission is needed to proceed

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App Permission Problem


For more search in community about storage permission !

No READ_ / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions are required to read / write files from / to the assets.

Then why that error showing?

Because you did not show anything from your project…
You will find no wizard here…


Then how will I do the same? Please tell me

Show your blocks.

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it creats makeroid directory in my mobile but when I install this app in other mobile it never creat any makeroid directory

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Is created when using companion for you to be able to test your app, it’s not needed when installed on other device

Provide us with blocks and screenshot of assets you have in your project

That won’t work on other devices if your files are in assets.

First you would have to copy/create files/folder to storage from assets then use that code.

Community search copy files from assets

How to do so ? Please SUggest some blocks

For the moment I can’t, but you can start by clicking on the link I provided and do some reading.

See e.g. here:

(now it’s possible to copy files from assets, since the last Kodular update)

what is that text.txt file?

File which will be copied from assets to external storage.

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It is just a simple example to show how it works.

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hi I want to open pdf file in adobe reader which is stored in assets

Bonan has already given best and correct solution:

I use this code it shows error 2103