Saved pics don't showed in gallery

Hi, i am making a pics app (like wallpaper app), with one button to save the pics.

The pics are saved, but aren’t showed in the gallery, if i use the file explorer, they are in the pics folder, but are not showed in the gallery.

I tried in 2 different cellphones, with the same results.

which folder?
can you specify where is the folder,
I recommend downloading images in a new folder in the internal storage with and name the folder to your app or something related

Use this extension

It has this block


thanks for reply.

first i use a folder with “wall” name, and thinking that this was the problem, change the path to save the pics in the original “Download” folder, but it’s the same.

in the explorer i can see the pics in both folders, but not in the gallery.

and both folders are in the internal storage.

give a try to peter’s solution in above post

thank you so much…

now i know the origin of the issue, and how to fix it, thanks again.

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