Saving a valid address (Google Maps)

I need help with something that seems pretty easy but I can’t figure it out.

Basically I need to translate this function to my app

So its like a ListView with a Filter Search where I write an address that is within Google Maps.
Basically this is an example, but what I really need is that the user write a VALID address on google maps so then I can save it within Firebase. Any ideas on how can i do that?

P.S: It is not his location what I need, instead a valid location in the world.

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Use location sensor to know the address

As I mentioned above, I do not need the user’s address, I just need availability for user to pick any valid address in Google Maps just like the picture below.

So then I can save what he wrote. The main point is that I need him to write a VALID location.

That’s what I am trying to say…
Location sensor will provide you a valid location… So that you can check…