Saving data in firebase

Im trying to save some data in my firebase storage, but everytime i do so a messager error pop-up saying “List was empty previously”.

I can only save data by creating a list and attaching data to it?

excuse me for my english, not native

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model kodular

this is my blocks, the screen is a simple 4 text boxes , each one a diferent caracteristic of the Customer. So i did a procedure called “modelo_aninhado” in wich name, conta, agencia would refer to “CPF” that would be the TAG

Please check your database url and more id

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You can use google translator and also as comunities main language is english so while giving image of the block you can send in english otherwise we will not be able to understand :sweat: :sweat:

It means you have chosen append block from firebases. Kindly use Use store firebase block

I thing it’s right :slightly_smiling_face:

Read , I think he explains about it:

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