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I have Done one app I need list for my app when I click the list it should open screen with specific Image for a element . How can I do this

you can use airtable and firebase
and can use (custom listview extension by deephost or @Taifun ) or (dynamic components by @yusufcihan)

no paid extension I will think about second one

OK if it is your solution then mark it as your solution.:grinning:

Why u forced any time for mark as solution in ur every post…if they think it’s solution than he/she mark himself don’t ask Everytime this question


Use dynamic componenets… U cn Use dynamic image component for this

Just use get index on element click. Then open another screen with start value as element index. One the second screen you can call the image using spreadsheet and set the image. See the image below

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I have Solved the problem

You might want to share the solution here, so that it helps other members/users having similar query. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Screen 1

Screen 2
blocks (3)

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