Score bord card view perfection

In my application I have created a score board using Card View.
In which 3 columns like Right Answer, Wrong Answer and Attempt Questions are created. Which increases according to the number of each.
But my question is that out of total 78 questions, skipped questions are 0, right answer is 17, wrong answer is 61, attempted questions are 78.
If the correct answer in the scoreboard is 17 then its column is smaller than the wrong answer 61 while the attempt questions are 78 (right answer + wrong answer = 78) which is more than the wrong answer is 61 but the column of wrong answer and attempt question is the same.
So let me know what I need to change in the block to make each column come in perfect size every time.
I have uploaded an image of my block and an image of the scoreboard.

other scordboard screen sort

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Please don’t be rude and demand things like that. People on here are volunteering their time.

Just be patient and wait. When someone has an answer they will provide it.

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Please let me know if there is a solution to my problem.

i don,t know any idea
so, Please let me know if there is a solution to my problem.

The problem may be is, the height of the color arrangement is not fixed in all arrangements… define fixed height (round to 100) and it will work pakka

thanks for support & help

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