Cardview Width Percent

I have set its width percentage as 50% and compared using grey cardview’s Width using


But it shows incorrect again. How solve it?

must provide your block…


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Change Cardview3.WidthPercent To just Width

Use this block to make progress of your progress bar.



get value : It is the value or score of the user out of the total score ( which is 4000 )
4000 : 4000 is the maximum value for the score.
86 : The width ( in percent ) of the container Card View.

This works fine and accurate for me.
Hope it helps you.

Can i use 50 inplace of get value and 100 in place of 4000 and 60 in place of 86?

It is clearly wrong. See your blocks carefully.

image : in percent

image : in pixels.

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Sure. you can do that.

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Pixels will not be responsive in some devices

If get value=100 then width percent will be 60 in my case? How is it possible?.

I Want a proper solution by Width percentage.

Percentage value works by considering the total width of the screen that means when you set 50% width it will be considered as half of the screen width.

So, accordingly set your card view width.

Consider your card view default width is 80%.

Now consider, 80% width is 100% progress, like wise you have to convert your 50% width for 80% that means you should set width 40% to show 50% progress.

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How convert it by using blocks?

What is your card view width ?

Parent card view width = 60%

Increase width value by 6% when you run your progress.

Set Card view width = get cardview width + 6%

Can you do it with blocks? It will be more understandable

See here…

Is it with pixel?