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I want to make a league table with using Airtable.

Can you please show me the sequence of blocks that I want to do?

What have you tried?You can easily make that using get column block to get the column in display it in your labels.
You made another two topics on the same thing.Have you tries what have we told you.If though,so what happened?

@Mohamed_Tamer what do you mean by “we”? Only you answered those two topics. I tried what you told me to try but your method didn’t work. You said Airtable | Get and Set 11 days ago.

I mentioned this topic because I researched the Community and Youtube as well. I even asked admins for help but I didn’t get a result and still have the problem.

I found a way:

Thank y’all for your replies!

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So the problem was from placing dictionaries in screen initialization as i said but you didn’t hear me. :sweat: It was easier to move the dictionary in the timer, instead of trying this way. Notice that airtable doesn’t return the values as you have returns them in a different order.So selecting item isn’t a good idea and may return the values in an another way then you wanted :wink:.Also what is the point of making a for loop while you are not using it in your code.You are just repeating the process again without any reason.It’s easier to don’t get the raws and put your code in the third socket of your if-then-statemnt.That will reduce your app lagging.

Also it isn’t a good idea to mark yourself answer as solution in all of your topics at the same time?Am i wrong? :slightly_smiling_face:

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What does “a for loop” mean? I didn’t understand which blocks are unnecessary.

I did everything you told me to do, unfortunately your methods didn’t work. Honestly thank you for your helps though :pray:t2: On the other hand, it took me more than two weeks to find a way to make a proper table. At the end, I figured it out myself. So I don’t see anything wrong with marking my own answer as solution. I’m the one who shared the solution about the topic. So I marked my own reply as solution, actually it’s that simple :slightly_smiling_face:

So “a for loop block” is unnecessary, right? Thanks, I’m not gonna use it in the combination anymore.

I really don’t understand what makes the situation unfair :sweat_smile: I just wanted to make the topics clearer. Why is it so important?

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