Scrapping can be done on youtube web

Hello everyone I have an app in kodular and I would like to know if my users liked a video, it will be possible to scrappin or another function to the like button to know if they liked it or not

extension ?

Can you tell me which one and how to do it?

let me guess… probably a Youtube extension?
after doing a search in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps you could have found for example

YoutubeDataview Extension by avmcreators02 (6 USD) by using Youtube Data API
Youtube Analysis Extension by @JEWEL - user has been suspended, link is dead
Youtube Info Extension by Meulencv
Youtube API Extension by SonrajTech
Utubedetails Extension by Nami_Chand to get Youtube video details

you might want to check, if one of those extensions is able to do what you need…


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Those extensions are very good, I’m going to use some, but what I need is how to know that the user who is using my app at that moment liked the video with a specific id