Utubedetails - Get youtube video details free [Extension]

Utubedetails - Get youtube video details free [Extension]

Hey guys, I have created a useful extension to get youtube video details.

See here its blocks -

component_method (1)

component_method (2)

component_event (2)

Get video details-

Create your API key here - https://console.developers.google.com/project
And see here video how to create API and use this extension

component_method (1)

Got result -

it give us video live infomation.

Get thumbnails -

set your video id and get thumbnails in all resolution.
component_method (2)

Got thumbnails -

default- 120 * 90
medium- 320 * 180
high- 480 * 360
standrad- 640 * 480
maxres- 1280 * 720
component_event (2)

Usage Example

See on youtube and like the video - https://youtu.be/t4gsQZSi66E


version 1.0

AIX: com.SONRAJ.Utubedetail.aix (10.8 KB)


Thanks Mr.Sumit for help.



Thank You So Much @Nami_Chand :heart_eyes:

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Really very very very Nice extension
keep on @Nami_Chand

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Nice extension :+1::+1:

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Always ready to help​:+1::+1:
Just pm me :upside_down_face:


What is the difference between channelTitle & Title?

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it returns the title of channel the video belongs to and title is the video title

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Hi I have a question
What is favorite count
And Where is it in youtube

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Sorry, my mistake
This property has been deprecated. The deprecation is effective as of August 28, 2015. The property’s value is now always set to 0 .

I will fix it.

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Amazing extension​:+1:

It would be really helpful if you add fetch playlist details from playlist id

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good extension!

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Please provide more info. Isn’t the extension working for you ? Any errors ?

sorry wrong topic

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i had a problem with another extension on app invetor community

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what is api

Protip: try a Google search



i dont means that i known about api my means is it paid or free and how i get it

protip: read the title of this thread and look carefully in the first post to download the extension