Screen not found error while import screen

I have import one screen to my project but when I export project, it shows “screen not found” then I delete the screen and add new screen to project but then also app shows same error.
Please help me.

show your screen switch blocks

I have just used when button1 click then open screen wall.
Screen name is wall

walI or waII Wall or WALL, bold is capital letter for i

Show us what you have


when we import a screen its name is random capital alphabets right ? if he imported a screen and trying to open that screen with the name “wall” it wont work


Yes, imported screens have a generated name (not the same as the source).

True however, he delete that screen and added a new one

No idea to speculate as we don’t know what he has as he probably forgot to name it wall


I have type correct screen name and checked it more than three times.

I have add one screen “Screen3” but then also app error occurs “Screen3” not found.

It’s you who is in need for help so provide us with an aia file as I’m not able to reproduce your issue


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Check your importes screen name